Our team of white label experts will bring your product vision to life with our end-to-end hemp smokables and vape co-manufacturing program. 

What we do


Smokables manufacturing

We provide high scale manufacturing and co-packing of hemp smokables such as cigarettes, cones, jarred flower, infused products, moon rocks, and more.  The products are crafted to your specifications and delivered ready for retail.


Vape manufacturing and formulation

State of the art technology and expert filling solutions for custom branded vape products. Specializing in high quality cartridges and disposables, we are your one-stop-shop for custom branded ready for retail vape products.


Packaging, sourcing and customized product development

Agrowth is the production partner who will take your brand to the next level and bring your product vision to life.  Our expert team will help and guide you throughout the entire process from start to finish in the development, production, and co-packing of your branded product. We are here at your disposal to make the process easy and seamless. 

our services

Cigarette style

Cone Prerolls



Child Resistant Packaging

Raw Material Procurement

Our Approach

Not just a manufacturer, but a brand partner

Our goal at Agrowth is to be your preferred partner in the development, formulation, material sourcing, manufacturing, and co-packing of your own custom-branded hemp smokables and vape products.  Our turnkey end-to-end program is designed to seamlessly bring your product vision to life, and ready to launch into the market. We leverage decades of experience with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies to deliver high quality retail-ready products at any scale you desire.    

Why Us?

Patented Technology

Designed specifically to manufacture high quality smokable and vape products.  Our patented technology produces high quality hemp /CBD products that both you and your consumers can count on. 


Bring your product vision to life by customizing it every step of the way from formulation, infusion, product components, packaging, and more. Let us help you stand out from the competition on the market today!


Our high-throughput manufacturing technology is designed to meet any project, and any scale.

Specialized Vaporizers hardware

We provide the perfect solution for your customized vape brand with our state of the art hardware and proprietary filling services. 

Turn key

Our custom program is here to take your project from A to Z. Both white-label and private-label offerings are available depending on your specific needs. 

Global supply network

Our network of farms, packaging providers, terpene formulators, and hemp industry professionals are at your disposal for sourcing any consumables needed for your project. We only source the highest quality components to take your project beyond what others offer. 

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