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Create your own custom hemp products with Agrowth Corp’s end-to-end private label cigarette and hemp smokables manufacturing system. We process large volumes of high-grade hemp raw material into extremely high quality cigarette-style and cone-style pre-rolls, as well as jarred flower, all branded for you and packaged into your preferred retail-ready solutions. Whether you’re just starting out in the hemp industry, or represent a large, high-throughput pre-roll company, you can rely on Agrowth to handle the sourcing, production, and quality assurance needed to produce a premium product. Check out our private label solutions to develop the labeling and product fit that suits your brand’s vision.

Hemp cigarette manufacturing done right

Hemp manufacturing process that meets every aspect of the product development cycle

Expert engineers

Agrowth Corp’s expert operators utilize our proprietary rolling equipment to produce high quality hemp cigarettes at scale utilizing virtually any grade of smokable hemp raw material

Microbial testing

Mold and yeast testing ensure each product is safe and compliant with state law.

Branded customization options

We customize pre-roll products to have a stronger and more captivating aromatic profile.

Exclusive process

Agrowth Corp prepares hemp flower and seamlessly rolls a consistent pre-rolled cone or cigarette.


A robust manufacturing process for high-volume and high-throughput fulfillment.

Intelligent packaging processes

Automated packaging solutions that ensure freshness, quality, and enhance shelf life.

A streamlined system for commercial hemp manufacturing

Agrowth Corp provides you with solutions to your complex hemp supply-chain and product development challenges. Our hemp processing equipment and operators maintain a high product quality run after run to produce a hemp cigarette that burns evenly every time. Our automated packaging solutions enable your brand to have a fully customized product or scale your current hemp manufacturing line. Our contract manufacturing experience allows us to leverage pre-roll machines and expert operators to maintain a meticulous workflow. Whether you’re crafting a limited release batch or developing a startup brand, we can handle all your sourcing, design, and packaging needs.

Customizable hemp products that provide product differentiation

Hemp processing capabilities

Agrowth Corp, with its patent-pending technology, goes beyond the capabilities of a traditional hemp manufacturing company. We handle every aspect of the supply chain, from sourcing hemp to selecting paper options, to incorporating eco-friendly materials and sourcing custom-printing solutions, and do it all in as little as three weeks. Create a unique and differentiated hemp/CBD smokable product line with Agrowth Corp.

Services Provided

White Label

Create affordable house or unbranded pre-rolled cones or cigarettes with superior construction and hemp flower consistency.

Flavor intensity

Infuse your pre-rolled cones or cigarettes with hemp-derived terpenes for a pronounced entourage effect.

Private label cigarettes

We will take the hassle out of creating and designing a pre-roll. Our customized and personalized hemp manufacturing process ensures your product meets your unique vision.

Potency variations

Enhance your biomass or hemp flowers with high-grade CBD extracts.

Contract manufacturing

Choose from a wide array of rolling paper, filter tip and tipping paper options for your hemp pre-roll brand.

Quality control

Each pre-roll is checked for weight, density, and quality. All hemp raw material is tested for potency and harmful contaminants.

Contract packaging

We source your own custom-printed packaging as a turnkey option, and the finished product will be returned retail ready in master cases.

Why choose Agrowth Corp?

Streamlined process

Quick and efficient solutions for all of your supply-chain requirements

Strategic price points

Low-cost hemp manufacturing fees and bulk pricing

Highly customizable

Create your pre-roll or cigarette brand, your way, with Agrowth.

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