A Guide To Smokable Delta 8 THC

What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in small traces within hemp and cannabis plants. Due to the vast amount of benefits Delta 8 THC offers, cultivators are now using selective breeding and molecular isolation to yield plants with higher concentrations of Delta 8 THC.

Benefits of Smoking Delta 8 THC

Delta-8 THC has become increasingly popular with consumers, and for good reason! Here are a few of the many benefits of Delta 8 THC:

  • Nausea Relief – Research shows Delta 8 may be a viable option for individuals experiencing nausea and vomiting.
  • Appetite – Delta 8 can help improve food intake and increase appetite.
  • Sleep Aid – The effects of Delta-8 THC are generally described as gentle and calming, and it places the body in a calm and relaxed state. These effects may be interesting to those who are seeking out sleep, as it calms parts of the brain that are overactive at night.
  • Neuroprotectant – Delta 8 promotes the production of a neurotransmitter that helps memory, cognition, and arousal, making it a potential therapeutic option for those with neurological diseases.
  • Reduces Anxiety and Stress – The cannabinoids in Delta 8 bind to CB1 receptors, which help calm us. 
  • Pain Relief – Studies have demonstrated that Delta 8 has the potential to relieve pain and inflammation.

Will Smoking Delta 8 Make Me High?

Consumers have reported experiencing a cleaner “high”, with reduced anxiety and heightened concentration after smoking Delta 8 THC. It does produce a euphoric effect, though it has less potency than Delta 9 THC. 

After inhaling Delta 8 THC, it can take an average of 10-15 minutes to feel any effects. Inhalation is the fastest way to get the cannabinoid into your system, as it bypasses your first pass metabolism. If you can’t feel the effects after the 15-minute mark, then feel free to take another hit or two to see how you feel.

Is Delta 8 Legal?

In 2018, Congress passed the Farm Bill, which federally legalized hemp products that contain less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC. As long as Delta 8 is derived from hemp it is federally legal. However, some states have banned the consumption and sales of Delta 8. It is best to always check your state laws prior to purchasing Delta 8 products.

Where Can I Find Delta 8 Smokables?

There are many online retailers that offer products with Delta 8 THC, and there are also dispensaries you can visit who sell products with the cannabinoid.

Make sure the brand of Delta 8 THC is one you can trust. Look for lab reports and a Certificate of Analysis (COA) on their products and ensure they are conducted by a third-party company to avoid bias. Also be sure the product contains less than 0.3% Total THC; otherwise, they are technically federally illegal.