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Our mission is to help your business thrive

We develop and deliver the best product solution for every clients’ need

Designed to bring your product vision to reality, Agrowth’s product manufacturing and co-packing program will simplify the process for you. Our expert team will work closely with you to understand your needs, budget, and product specs so we can deliver a seamless process for the creation of your own custom branded product. Let us become your trusted production partner and help propel your brand with quality and excellence. 

our values


We are not just your manufacturer, but your brand partner helping you every step of the way, ensuring the end product is exactly what you imagined. 

Results Maximization

We deliver to our partners the best products on the market, ensuring consistent high quality products every time. Are you looking to put out quality products your consumers can count on? Then you are in the right place.


We are not just another cookie cutter contract manufacturer. Our passion and drive is creating high quality products, and developing partnerships with each and every brand we partner with. 


Our experienced team is always in search of the next big thing to stay ahead of the curve and to provide our partners with the market insight and innovation needed to stay relevant, exciting, and successful. 

Why Agrowth?

Patented Technology

Patented cigarette rolling, cone-filling, and vape-filling technology creates consistent high quality retail products your customers can count on.


Differentiate your product from others on the market by customizing your product every step of the way. 


Designed to meet any scale, our high-throughput manufacturing technology is designed to meet any scale. 

Specialized vaporization hardware

We provide the perfect solution for your customized vape brand with our state of the art hardware and proprietary filling service.

Turn key

Our custom program is here to take your project from A to Z. Both white-label and private-label offerings are available depending on your specific needs.

Global supply network

Our network of farms, packaging providers, terpene warehouses, and hemp industry professionals are at your disposal for sourcing any consumables needed for your project. We only source the highest quality components to take your project beyond what others offer. 

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