What are smokable hemp products?

Smokable hemp products are the result of drying the flowers of the mature hemp plant and then using them for smoking purposes. They come in an array of varieties for consumers to choose from including, moon rocks, whole flower, hemp cigarettes, cigars, and prerolls. You can also vape dry flower.

Are hemp flowers illegal?

Hemp flower is federally legal as long as it has 0.3% or less of Delta 9 THC. Though it is not enough THC to induce euphoria, it can cause a positive result on a drug test. If you need to pass a drug test that test for THC, it is advised you abstain from using […]

Where do you find hemp smokes?

Hemp smokes, such as prerolls, cigars, and cigarettes, can be found from an array of online retailers. When purchasing smokable hemp products, it is important to always check the certificate of analysis and third-party lab testing to ensure you are getting quality hemp.

Where is Delta 8 legal?

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized Delta 8 THC derived from hemp with 0.3% or less of Delta 9 THC federally. However, some states have since banned the sale of Delta 8 THC. With states continuing to change regulations on Delta 8 THC, it is always best to check if your state allows Delta 8 THC.

How do you smoke a hemp preroll?

A hemp preroll is a convenient way to smoke hemp. They typically have one gram or less of cured hemp flower that has been ground down and put into a tube style paper. Simply ignite, inhale, and enjoy.

What are hemp prerolls?

Hemp prerolls are made with cured hemp that has been ground down and put into a paper tube. They typically have one gram or less of hemp flower. Some prerolls have various infusions to enhance the flavor and effects of the preroll.

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in plants that deliver their distinct aroma and flavor. Additionally, they deliver a wide range of benefits. When using hemp or cannabis products, the terpenes help to dictate the experience one has from the product they are using.

Do they make hemp cigars?

Hemp cigars have become increasingly popular and are a sophisticated way to enjoy hemp flower. They have no tobacco and can come with various infusions that enhance the flavor and effects of the cigar. Additionally, they often burn slow and smoke smooth.

Can you smoke hemp for CBD?

When smoking hemp, a consumer gets to benefit from an array of cannabinoids including CBD. Unless modified, most hemp flower is high in CBD, making it a great option to gain the benefits of CBD. Some of the many benefits of CBD include sleep support, anti-anxiety and anti-depression effects, as well as its ability to […]